Beef Stroganoff Quick Meal Easy Recipe Gluten Free

Beef Stroganoff Quick Meal Easy Recipe Gluten Free

Beef Stroganoff Quick Meal Easy Recipe Gluten Free

Use Gluten Free pasta For a Gluten Free recipe

Here we go. No rules with this one. Classic Beef(Kinda…we added pork) Stroganoff. Ya,the name is odd.

Your family might never have heard of it. But let’s break it down: It’s chopped meat, tomato, pasta, cream and cheese.
Tell me your kids will not like this! Feel free to add sliced zucchini.(Kids will never know)

Like most of the Forked up recipes, this one has no rules. You want to add veal? Beef? Pork? Maybe chicken?
Whatever..makes no difference to us. You want to not use garlic, then don’t. Make it your own with the flavors you like!

I find this meal to be great as leftovers. Awesome family style dish especially in the winter.
You can also use aluminum trays to bake and store in the fridge.
I tend to make this when chopped meat is on sale. I really like to add veal or pork to bring in another flavor profile to the mix.

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Chopped meat of beef and pork(your choice on what to add)
Tomato paste

Garlic, crushed red pepper, salt
Heavy cream
Cream cheese
Shredded cheese

Cutting Board I use :
Chefs Knife:
My favorite Cast Iron Skillet:
Tongs I use for everything:
Silicone Mini Pinch Bowls:
Silicone Hot Handle for Cast Iron:
Saute Pan I like:
My favorite Digital Meat Thermometer:
Quarter Sheet Pan:
Cooling Racks For Quarter Sheet Pan:

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