Italian Quinoa Salad (vegan & gluten free) | easy vegan lunch recipe

Italian Quinoa Salad (vegan & gluten free) | easy vegan lunch recipe

Today, I’m showing you how to make an easy and healthy italian quinoa salad. This quinoa salad is the perfect meal to make ahead and pack for your lunch at work or school!


The perfect simple salad for summer! Such a balanced meal 🙂

This Italian Quinoa Salad has easily been my go-to lately. I usually pre-cook quinoa and store it in the fridge so the prep time isn’t longer than 10 mins. This girl has gotta eat when she’s hangry!!

Hi i’m Brianna! I’m a vegan and gluten-free. Being a competitive figure skater, I like to eat healthy for my best physical performance. It helps that I love studying nutrition and creating healthy recipes.

Two years ago, I had to change my diet when I was experiencing a lot of stomach discomfort and I was constantly getting sick. Since then I have rarely (if ever) been sick and my energy levels have improved significantly.

Good nutrition can impact your life incredibly.
Treat your body well and it will love you right back! ♥︎




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Music: Nicolai Heidlas –
Transitions: Gabrielle Marie

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